Establishment of Congress was neither Sudden nor Expected

Indian National Congress was founded on 28 December 1885 with an attendance of 72 delegates. Womesh Chander Bannerjee of Calcutta was elected as President of the first INC session, whereas, A.O. Hume assumed INC office as the General Secretary.

Closer examination to the Foundation of Congress

A closer examination of circumstances leading to the Foundation of Congress reveals that the establishment of Congress was neither sudden nor expected. In fact, the foundation of Congress was the culmination of a long process of gradual awakening which was going on since the 1830s.

  • Bang Bhasa Prakashika was the first political platform established by Indians. It was formed by the followers of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1836 at Calcutta.
  • In 1838, Zamindari Association (Landlord’s society) was established at Calcutta by Dwarka Nath Tagore and others.
  • In 1843, Bengal British India society was established by George Thompson at Calcutta.
  • In 1851, British India Association was established at Calcutta by Devendranath Tagore.
  • In 1852, the Bombay Association was established by Jagnath Shankar Seth.
  • In 1870, Poona Sarvajanik Sabha was founded by M.G. Ranade and others.
  • In 1875, Indian League was established at Calcutta by Shishir Kumar Ghosh and Motilal Ghosh.
  • In 1876, the Indian association was established by S.N. Banerjee and Anand Mohan Bose at Calcutta.
  • In 1884, Madras Mahajan Sabha was established by P. Anand Charlu and others.
  • In January 1885, the Bombay Presidency Association was established by Ferozshah Mehta, K.T. Telang, Badruddin Tayabji.


In this way, the process of establishing a Regional nationalist platform was successful by January 1885. Now a pan-India nationalist platform was required. The Foundation of Congress in 1885 was the result of Indian aspiration only.

The establishment of Congress lay in the very logic of History. Because once these regional platform has been successfully established, it was quite natural for a pan India platform like Congress to come up

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