Role of negative impact of British rule on rise of Indian Nationalism

Following are some of the significant role of the negative impact of British rule on rise of Indian Nationalism:

  1. The British rule in India was colonial in character. It was guided by British interest.
  2. Indian resources were used for the benefit of Britain.
  3. The British rule in India was despotic in nature. It was established through military conquest and maintained by Superior military power.
  4. There was no participation of Indians in decision-making in any form.
  5. The British rule in India was discriminatory as Indians were considered as second-class people. Discrimination was prevalent in Political, Administration, Judiciary Etc.
  6. Racist Outlook was predominant in British rule. They believe in the supremacy of the white race. British was guided by the ideas like “White men burden” at “British providential mission”.
  7. The British rule in India was expansionist in nature. A large number of native states were annexed to create the British colonial Empire.
  8. The British rule was alien in character. Its laws, rules, and regulations were beyond the understanding of common Indians.
  9. The British rule in India was unfeeling and insensible as well as the British were never tried to understand the need and aspiration of Indians. They always remained cut off from the common masses.
  10. British rule in India was unethical and immoral also. Because the British never differentiated between right and wrong methods while ruling in India.
  11. British rule in India was anti-people because the common Indians were never kept in mind while enacting laws Indians were deprived of their resources and left for died mercilessly.

The British rule in India was exploitative. Every section where suffered under the British rule. Their suffering produce strong anti-British discontent and this anti-British resentment was the first expression of Indian Nationalism.

Throughout the history of the modern world, the spread of nationalism manifested itself in the form of reaction against foreign rule at least during the initial stage or age and the same was the case in India

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