Positive effect of British rule on Indian Nationalism

Following are some of the significant role of the positive impact of British rule on the rise of Indian Nationalism:

  1. The role of the positive impact of British rule was also very important in the birth of Indian Nationalism. The British initiated a number of moves to carve out the extensive British Empire and this initiative contributed in a big way to the birth of Indian Nationalism.
  2. By annexing some native States and subjugating others, the British forged the bonds of unity of India. India assumed the form of a political entity.
  3. Uniform Administration and modern judicial legal system were introduced in India. These initiatives also strengthen the sense of unity because all Indians were treated uniformly.
  4. Modern means of communication introduced by the British in the form of Railways, postal system, and Telegraph, etc. reduced geographical distance among Indians living in far territories. The people begin to understand and love each other.
  5. Modern Western education resulted in the growth of Awakening among Indians. The modern Western ideas were absorbed by the Indians. One of these ideas was nationalism.
  6. The modern press also developed in India during British rule. This press brought about intellectual unification of the country. The Events taking place in one part will begin to generate reaction everywhere.

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