Define Nationalism and Factors responsible for its Growth in India

Define Nationalism

  1. Nationalism is a philosophy that believes in the idea of a Nation.
  2. The nation is a cultural entity that evolves out of country and State.
    • A country is a geographical expression. A country comes into existence when a particular land is occupied by people. India has been a country for ages, even Vedic Aryans knew that India is a distant country.
    • The state is a political Expression. A country becomes a state when it has a definite political boundary and government.
    • Where the citizen of a state develops common Collective cultural Consciousness, the state gets transformed into a nation.
    • Nationalism manifest in a form of a firm belief among the citizens that they all are part of one larger family as they share common history and Heritage. The citizen of a Nation reacts positively to the Pleasure and Pain of each other.
  3. The idea of the Indian Nation started emerging during the 1820s in its early form. Initially, Indian Nationalism manifests itself in the cultural arena. During the 1860s it has assumed a political forum.

Main factors responsible for the growth of Indian Nationalism

  1. Negative impact of British rule like the despotic regime, discriminatory policies, racist outlook and etc.
  2. The positive impact of British rule
  3. Socio-religious reforms movement increases the level of awakening among the people
  4. Contemporary International Developments like the American and French Revolution inspired Indian Nationalists.
  5. The emergence of Middle class
  6. New Historical Researches highlighted glorious elements of India’s past which instilled a sense of pride among Indians. This pride transformed into the spirit of Nationalism
  7. Economic exploitations of Indian Peasants, Merchants handicraft industries and etc.
  8. Reactionary policies of Lord Lytton like Vernacular Press Act and etc.

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