Define Constitution and its Function

Define Constitution of India

A constitution is a fundamental and organic law of the nation that establishes the conception, character, and organization of the government as well as determines the extent of the sovereign power of the government and the manner in which the power to be exercised.

  • The constitution is the supreme law of the land and all other laws and customs in order to be valid shall conform to the Constitution.
  • Constitution has got a special legal sanctity as it derives its power directly from the people.
  • Constitution regulates the relationship between the state and the citizen. For example – fundamental, right.

Functions of Constitution

  1. Constitution reflects the ideology and philosophy of the states
  2. Being the fundamental law that validates all other laws in the country, it describes the rights and duties of the citizens and the residents. For example – Fundamental Rights and Duties.
  3. It checks the power of the government.
  4. It defines compositions and functions of organs of the government and their Mutual relationship.
  5. It guides the executive agencies of unions and states. For example – DPSP
  6. It also defines the process and procedures to amend the constitution.

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