Pressure Groups and its Importance in the Modern era

Introduction of Pressure Groups

The role of the pressure group has become important in the study of modern political science. There was a time when pressure groups were viewed with hatred. Carl J. Frederich in his book Constitutional Government and Democracy has written about whether garbage and serious political students viewed these pressure groups as inferior.

They were considered to be such a divine power that could weaken democracy or distract representative rule. The term Lobby was seen as bad and was considered a symbol of deception, corruption, evil, etc. But in the modern era, pressure groups have become an integral part of the political process in all political systems. Pluralists started studying the role of pressure groups.

Analytic pluralists say that society is a beautiful model of different groups and the interaction between these groups keeps going on. These groups make their claims on the government and the government tries to balance the interests of social groups on its behalf.

Importance of Pressure groups in the modern era

In the modern era, the importance of pressure groups has increased so much that many authors have embellished it in many figures. Finer called it an unknown empire and Meckin called it an invisible government and an informal government. In every political system, demands are generated through interest groups, and price is also distributed according to demand.

In the modern era, the importance of interest groups has increased because it accentuates the interests between society and the political system, thereby maintaining dynamism in the political system. Every society and political system has methods of presenting demands and can be presented in various forms to the arbiter of interests. In a democratic system that works is often done by the interest group And therefore the study of comparative political interest groups has become important. Now we have to consider the role of interest groups in different political methods.

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