Pressure groups in America and its Characteristics

Importance of Pressure groups in America

Pressure groups are more important in the American political system than other political methods. Due to its important position, it is called the Third House of Congress working outside the Constitution. As such, there are countless numbers of pressure groups at various levels of the American political system. But there are thousands of pressure groups, which are affecting American life in every field. Such groups are influencing government and politics through various measures and through various means and are successfully trying to get Congress to do legislative work to suit their interests. Many drug groups do not restrict their activity to the national level, but also do not live without affecting the state and local governance. Various pressure groups are successful in protecting their interests in the American political system.

Characteristics of pressure groups in the American political system

  1. Majority pressure groups are circumstantial in nature – Attentive pressure groups have a negligible place in the American political system, due to the foundational principles of political play. Most pressure groups aim to protect and improve the status of their members.
  2. America has no desire for revolutionary changes due to pressure groups following legitimate procedures. They like to work in the prevailing structure, yet there is consistent competition among various pressure groups.
  3. The goal of most pressure groups is to fulfill their interests. For this reason, they are called special interests.
  4. Most of America’s pressure groups are institutional, and a lack of non-institutional groups is found here.
  5. The formation of pressure groups became specialized as well as professionals due to the excess of complexity. Their members are constantly active and spend all their time protecting the interest of the members. Thus, the continuity or professionalism of pressure groups has also become a salient feature of the American political system.
  6. Interdependence between pressure groups persists. Due to this, no pressure group is able to become powerful in the political system.

Knowledge of some of the main groups and their activities becomes necessary after deliberation of pressure groups in the American political system. The United States has a large number of economic groups that are classified into three categories — trade, agriculture, and labor. Among these economic groups, the Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, The American Farm Bureau Federalism, National Farmers Union American Federation of Labor, Congress of Industrial are particularly notable. All businesses also have their own groups. Such as the American Medical Association National Educational Association, National Society of Professional Engineers, American Bar Association, etc.

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Patriot societies and the number of pensioner groups also increased greatly, such groups are more active in political activity. Among such groups, the names of the American Revolution are particularly notable. In addition, many religious, social, and reformist groups also exist in America. There are several local pressure groups in the US, in addition to 57 pressure groups, such as the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, the National Catholic Welfare Conference, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Women’s League of women voter. Problems. There are also some groups whose relationship is limited to a single national question. Such groups cease after the resolution of a question.

Pressure Groups and its influence in government and politics

It is clear that many pressure groups in the American political system are influencing government and politics. Many national-level pressure groups are constantly interested in legislation enacted by Congress. Many representatives of these groups act to influence members of Congress called Lobbyists. They take an important part in America’s political process, laws have been made to ban them, but their influence still remains. Along with the political system, such groups also exert their influence on the social system. They are influencing politics to a great extent. They play a game of fighting one team against another.

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