Magic and Religion: Similarities and Differences

Image: Magic and Religion - Similarities and Differences

What is Magic and Religion?

Religion is said to be that system of beliefs related to supernatural powers, which, despite being influenced by human experiences, gives a sense of a mystical power beyond human potential.

On the other hand, Magic is the means by which supernatural power is controlled and that power is used to fulfill its good and evil objectives as it wishes.

Thus both religion and magic are related to the development of a preferential and supernatural power. Also, both are a means of emotional protection. Due to this, many similarities are found between magic and religion.

Similarities between Magic and Religion

  1. Religion and magic are both related to supernatural and super-human power.
  2. Both arise from effective requirements.
  3. Both are used as tools of adaptation to critical situations.
  4. The methods of both religion and magic are traditional.
  5. It is mandatory to follow the laws of both, otherwise, the objectives will not be served.
  6. There are specific persons who perform the actions related to both. The priest who performs religious rituals and the magician who performs magic is called.
  7. Both are a figment of human imagination.
  8. Both the priest and the magician have to follow certain prohibitions.

Difference between Magic and Religion

Religion is a public act.Magic is a personal act.
In religion, man surrenders to supernatural power.In magic, the man wants to conquer supernatural power.
A sense of public interest is found in religion.A sense of personal interest is found in magic.
All persons perform religious actions.Only those who know about it perform magic work.
Religion is not related to any purpose. Religion does not have an immediate and direct effect.Magic is performed to serve a particular purpose. Its effect is seen directly.
Generally religious people get prestige in the society.People are always afraid of witchcraft.
The success of religion depends on its propagation and public participation.The secrecy of magic is the necessary condition of success.
On the basis of religion, a relationship with the soul and the divine can be established.In magic, no connection with God is established.
Religion and religious activities are always for group welfare.Magic can be creative as well as harmful.
Work-cause relationship is not found in religion.A work-cause relationship is found in magic.
Prayer in religion can be successful and also unsuccessful.Desire must succeed in magic.
Religion is considered sacred.The magic action is considered unholy.
Religious differences are found in different parts of the world.Similarities are found everywhere in magic.
Mantras are used in religion but emotion has special importance on the underlying.The use of spells is necessary in magic but no specific emotion is predominant.
Religion has developed later.Magic originated earlier so it is more ancient than religion.
Table: Difference between Magic and Religion

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