What is Graphene?

Graphene is an allotrope of Carbon in which atoms are linked hexagonally to give rise to planar sheet of bonded carbon atoms.

Graphene is the mother of all Graphite nano structures.

Properties of Graphene:

  1. Thinnest material ever generated.
  2. One of the strongest substance known (about 200 times stronger than steel)
  3. Yet highly flexible
  4. One of the best electrical and thermal conductor known
  5. It is transparent
  6. Graphene has a very high surface area/volume ratio.
  7. Highly impermeable in nature
  8. Highly elastic in nature

Application of Graphene / What can Graphene be used for?

  1. Graphene used in Display technology like touch screen
  2. Solar cells
  3. Used in anti-corrosion coatings
  4. Faster DNA sequencing
  5. Photodetection devices – Ex. Camera
  6. Bioengineering application like Bionics (Ex – Prosthetics)
  7. Energy storage devices like batteries, Power banks, etc.
  8. Graphene membranes in water filtering devices.

What are the downsides to graphene?

  • Graphene manifests some toxic qualities
  • Costly
  • Susceptibility to oxidative environments

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