Relationship of Anthropology with Earth Sciences

The earth sciences encompass the disciplines of geography and geology. Their relationship with anthropology’s subfields can be outlined as follows:

Relationship with Archaeological anthropology

  1. Archaeologists use geological concepts to examine archaeological sites, date the history, and assess the chronology of their finds. Stratigraphy, pedology (the science of soils), and petrology (study of rocks) are a few of these geological departments.
  2. Archaeologists require the assistance of geography to examine historical climatic changes. Human geography also assists in the interpretation of human settlements.
Relationship of Anthropology with Earth Sciences image
Image: Relationship of Anthropology with Earth Sciences

Relationship with Socio-cultural anthropology

In socio-cultural anthropology, the cultural ecology model addresses cultural transition as an adaptation to the local climate. As a result, geography is necessary for a better understanding of its subject matter.

Relationship with Biological anthropology

Fossils are an important research area in biological anthropology. Since fossils are commonly found in sedimentary rocks, biological anthropologists depend on geology to help them better interpret their fossil findings.

Following an international, interdisciplinary approach, all topics are now placed together on a single forum so that they can learn from one another.

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