Important Floral groups found in India

Following are some of the important floral groups found in India


  • It is Autotrophic
  • It possesses chlorophyll.
  • It is green non-differentiated plant.  
  • Usually grow in water
    • freshwater – green/blue color
    • Marine water –­ red/brown color.


  • Fungi are non-greens non-differentiated plant.
  • It has a total absence of chlorophyll.
  • Maximum diversity of fungi in India are found in Western Ghats, Eastern Himalaya, and Western Himalaya.


  • They are non-chlorophyllous micro-organisms


  • They are a peculiar combination of algae and fungus.
  • Lichens are a group of grayish-green plants, which grow on rocks tree-trunk, deadwood etc.
  • Most commonly found in wetlands.
  • Rare in rivers and streams
  • Lichens are not found in groundwater.


  • They are plant bodies, differentiated into small stems and simple leaves, but true roots are absent. For example – Mosses, liverworts and etc.


  • They are close seeded plants

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