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In this article, we are going to share with you the PDF Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh, which will prove useful for all students who are preparing for competitive exams.

Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh

The Indian Economy is written by Ramesh Singh and this is the 13th edition of this book which has been released in 2021. It is the latest edition to date. Ramesh Singh’s economics book is one of the most recommended books for the economy section.

In Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy, every economy-related important topic like the definition of economy, the evolution of Indian economy, economic planning, Industries, infrastructure, Budget, etc. has been explained in depth.

This book is very useful for students preparing for the Indian economy. So if you are preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, State PCS, Civil Services, NDA/CDS, CAPF, PSC and other competitive exams then this Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh is for you. Download this book today and cover the most important part of your preparation with this single book.

Image of a book of Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

About Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy Book

Author of the BookRamesh Singh
Publishing Year2021-22
Total Pages700+
Edition13th Revised Edition 2021-22
Buy nowOn Amazon

This book will be very beneficial for the students preparing for competitive exams. Students will get complete information about the economy and they will be able to prepare well for their upcoming exams.

What’s new in Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy?

Following are the latest addition to Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy latest edition:
1. Union Budget 2021–22
2. Inclusion of the latest India development report 2017
3. Economic Survey 2020–21,
4. India year-book 2021
5. The latest estimates of National Income is also included
6. Additionally revised chapters like infrastructure, agriculture with latest facts and figures, etc.

Is Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh good for the UPSC CSE exam?

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh covers almost all topics required for the preparation for the UPSC CSE exam. It is more than sufficient for any competitive exams in India.

How many pages are there in the Indian economy by Ramesh Singh’s 13th edition?

As per the Amazon website, there are 736 pages in Ramesh Singh’s Indian economy13th edition.

How can I prepare for the economy in UPSC Exam?

Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy gives you a deep concept about the economy and related stakeholders. Read this book thoroughly can increase your chances of clearing the UPSC Exam.

Is Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy sufficient for the UPSC economy portion?

No. Only Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy will not be sufficient for the economy portion. As you know, these days UPSC generally asks dynamic questions. This also applies to the economic subjects. So, prepare for both the dynamic and static portions. Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy is sufficient for the static portion but for the dynamic portion, you have to rely on current affairs.

How to read Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh for UPSC?

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh is one of the best standard books which provides an overview of the entire economy. Please don’t try to remember all of the statical numbers, these will be covered during the economic survey and budget. Focus on basic understanding of economic concepts like GDP, Planning, Budget process and etc.

Which is the latest edition of Indian economy by Ramesh Singh?

13th is the latest edition of Indian economy by Ramesh Singh. It was published in 2021.

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