67th BPSC CCE Prelims Mock Test 2021 in English for Free (Set-1)

Following is the BPSP Prelims Mock test that every aspirant should give to practice for the upcoming BPSC 67th Prelims Exam. This Test series is for English medium students preparing for BPSC Exam.

67th BPSC CCE Prelims Mock Test 2021

  1. A modern port will be constructed at Kalughat in which district of Bihar by 2022 at a cost of 1750 crores?
    (a) Buxar
    (b) Arrah
    (c) Saran
    (d) Patna
  2. What is the percentage of forest cover in Bihar total?
    (a) 7.30%
    (b) 7.76%
    (c) 7.66%
    (d) 9.89%
  3. In which state mobile app named ‘Sanjeevani’ has been launched to provide all information related to COVID-19?
    (a) Punjab
    (b) Bihar
    (c) Haryana
    (d) Rajasthan
  4. Bihar was awarded ‘Krishi Karman Award’ for the best production of which two crops?
    (a) Rice and Corn
    (b) Wheat and Maize
    (c) Rice and Wheat
    (d) Millet and Maize
  5. Which of the following persons belonging to Bihar has been awarded Padma Shri posthumously?
    (a) Syed Muazzam Ali
    (b) George Fernandes
    (c) Abdul Jabbar
    (d) Vashistha Narayan Singh
  6. In which district of Bihar ‘Hello Sakhi Chain’ campaign has been started by rural women to make people aware about COVID-19?
    (a) Munger
    (b) Katihar
    (c) Sitamarhi
    (d) Muzaffarpur
  7. What is the name of 12000hp electric locomotive manufactured in Electric Locomotive Factory located in Madhepura district of Bihar?
    (a) WAG-12A
    (b) WAG-12B
    (c) WAG-12C
    (d) WAG-12D
  8. What is the rate of electricity per unit for agriculture work in Bihar?
    (a) 35 paise
    (b) 55 paise
    (c) 65 paise
    (d) 75 paise
  9. What is the rank of Bihar in terms of density of roads in the country in terms of population?
    (a) fourth
    (b) sixth
    (c) fifth
    (d) seventh
  10. Which of the following is the largest source of revenue of Bihar?
    (a) Grants-in-aid from the central government
    (b) State’s share in central taxes
    (c) Public debt
    (d) State government tax revenue

1(c), 2(b), 3(b), 4(b), 5(d), 6(a), 7(b), 8(c), 9(a), 10(b)

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