Basics of Ethics: GS Paper 4

What is Ethics, values, morality, honesty, integrity, responsibility, probative, accountability, attitude, aptitude, emotional intelligence?


  1. It deals with human character & conduct.
  2. It’s about establishing a field of ethics based on moral principles so that human character conduct can be:
    • Just right/wrong
    • Improved as good, better, best.
    • Good character can be built.
    • The quality of human conduct can be improved, a good society can be established.


  1. Values are standards of human conduct.
  2. They’re important for each & every human as they said there standards of conduct based on human preferences, beliefs & knowledge.


  1. They deal with individuals, values, preferences which they considered as right/wrong.


  1. Being truthful, standing by what one says or does.


  1. The very broad value which encompasses the value system of any individual in which there’s is consistency, coherence in whatever a person says & does, i.e. there should be matching of thoughts & actions.
  2. It indicates wholeness in an individual 


  1. The moral obligation of an individual to behave with the essence of commitment & duty.


  1. It’s formal responsibility based on possession, power, hierarchy, laws, especially applied in the context of govt & administration.


  1. Means being upright, active, disciplined, vision in adherence to civil service values.
  2. It encompasses integrity & honesty.


  1. Deals with the ability of a person (potential) Largely considered inborn
  2. In general, it’s related/equipped with skill, knowledge, ability to work through deadliness, study long hours, deal with a complex situation.


  1. It’s about orientation, feeling, predisposition of a person towards all those objects living / non-living which he/ she faces & reacts.
  2. It’s about the reaction in favor of or against objects we face.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  1. About intelligent application of ones’ emotions in a given situation to act in a socially desirable manner.


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