Booklist for Sociology Optional preparation by UPSC Toppers

Choosing an optional for the UPSC exam is a tough job, however, choosing the best books for that optional is even tougher. If you have chosen Sociology as your optional subject and looking for its booklist then you are in right place. Considering the importance of UPSC Mains optional preparation, we will today give you the list of best books for Sociology Optional preparation.

Booklist for Sociology Optional

Search for sociology optional booklist is over. We have curated the best booklist for Sociology Optional preparation based on recommendations given by UPSC Toppers.

Sr. No.Sociology Optional BooklistLink
1.NCERT Sociology Textbook for Class 11 and 12Buy Now
2.Essential Sociology by Nitin SangwanBuy Now
3.IGNOU B.A. Sociology NotesBuy Now
4.IGNOU M.A Sociology NotesBuy Now
5.Haralambos and HolbornBuy Now
6.Contemporary India by Neera ChandhokeBuy Now
7.Sociology Topic-Wise Solution Of Previous PapersBuy Now

Booklist for basic understanding of Sociology Optional

  1. NCERT Sociology Textbook for Class 11 and 12
  2. Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan

Since lots of topics are not covered in NCERT books, Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan becomes very important for sociology optional preparation. Use this book to get a thorough understanding of sociology.

Booklist for full preparation of Sociology Optional

  1. IGNOU B.A. Sociology Notes & IGNOU M.A Sociology Notes

Use these books to supplement resources. Don’t make it your primary book. You should use these books to cover various thinkers and their perspectives in-depth.

2. Haralambos and Holborn

This is a good book to understand sociology thoroughly. It is, in general, a good book to read, however, for exam purposes, use this book for selective reading only. It will be good for you to generate interest in the Sociology subject.

3. Contemporary India by Neera Chandhoke

This book covers topics which you will not find anywhere. It covers the topic through different articles written by different scholars. So, use this book for reference only and go for selective reading. It will be the last book to cover every topic of UPSC Sociology optional.

Resources for Sociology Optional


It is one of the best websites for sociology optional aspirants. It covers a wide range of topics which will be beneficial for sociology optional preparation.

2. Sociology Topic-Wise Solution Of Previous Papers

It is the most important book for Sociology optional preparation. It covers sociology optional previous 16 years of question papers along with solutions. It is a must-have book.

Also: Sociology Optional Question Paper

Why Sociology is a good optional subject for UPSC?

sociology is a very generic subject and does not require any specific background understanding. It covers basic topics like gender, poverty, and education which also overlaps with General Studies (GS) papers.

Added to this, resources for sociology are also easily available in the market.

It is a comprehensive subject. You can easily prepare for sociology in less time.

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